S Systems manufactures watertight manholes for new and existing sewer systems, which allow consultants to perform necessary maintenance as well as inspection easily and efficiently. Our lightweight manholes enable contractors to install and connect the sewer pipes promptly without concern of high water table conditions.


  • Custom made as per engineer’s specification
  • Completely watertight
  • Easy to install
  • Bitumen protected against aggressive water and soil conditions
  • Short delivery times due to production flexibility
  • Easily identified by relevant numbers for construction convenience
  • Benching adapted to counter buoyancy forces, where applicable
  • Dedicated production personnel available if on-site assistance is required
  • Any length up to 5 m without joints
  • Any shaft length available to achieve final ground level
  • Supply of complete manhole systems consisting of manhole, baseplate, channel fittings, concrete cover slab and ductile iron and/or polymer / concrete cover and frame.

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Sewer Manholes structure graphic

Sewer Manholes build structure